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Your Guide In Business

Shadrac Consulting is a holistic business services company offering financial advice, recruitmentand management to large and small businesses.

Business Brokering and Lending

Making a splash in business requires the right equipment.
Partner can help secure the right loan for you.

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Charity/Church Packages: International/Local

Charity/Church Bookkeeping Charity/Church Financial Planning Seminar Charity/Church Financial Training Charity/Church Business Plan Charity/Church Cash Flow Statement Payroll Assist

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A Business Sage At Every Stage

A Shadrac for every business

At Shadrac consulting, we understand that all businesses are in different stages of development – that’s why we tailor all our services to the pertinent needs of your business; no one size fits all solutions here.


Working with Charity/ Finance businesses for over 20 years

Shadrac Consulting has been helping small and medium businesses achieve growth by effective strategic planning.

All of our team members come from diverse cultural and business backgrounds and have worked among many businesses in their time. Some are business owners themselves and have built their stuff from the ground up.


Sola Ogundeyi – Lead Consultant
Your Partner For Results

We’ve helped businesses UK and Nigeria to better manage their financial, tax and administrational workflow.

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